Laredo Texas Energy Service Price Comparison

Laredo Energy Service Provider Comparison Chart

In Laredo you can compare electricity rates with energy service providers that specialize in offering low deposit amounts. All energy service companies in Laredo are going to want to check your credit before signing you up with few exceptions. There are a couple of no deposit energy providers in Texas and at this time they are DPI Energy and Freedom Power. The problem with a prepaid pay as you go electric provider is that you end up paying the same or more in your first two months as what a typical electric company deposit would be. You also do not get back the additional money you hand over to a pay as you go company but you will get back your electricity service deposit at the end of your contract term. Many electricity companies will refund you your deposit half way through your energy service agreement. Check cheaper Laredo electricity companies in the zip code box above. A detailed energy service comparison will display after clicking on the button.

The Way You Can Get Hooked in To A Laredo No Deposit Energy Company

I have seen many ads on newspaper publications like the Greensheet where these no deposit electric companies in Laredo will advertise things like $99 to start service and other low cost choices. The problem is that they do not tell you that they will ask you for an additional $200 – $500 more a few weeks later to keep your prepaid electric service on. In Laredo lets say you move in to a new apartment. Once in that apartment you sign up for $99 with a pay as you go energy provider. Yo may not have noticed that the electricity rate is 17 cents per kWh. That means that if you use 1500 kWh a month then your energy cost for the month would be $255. If you use closer to 3,000 kWh a month then you would pay $510 a month for Texas electricity service.

As you can see a pay as you go electric company in Laredo doesn’t make much sense. If you are one of those people using 3,000 kWh a month and you have to shell out $500 you really didn’t help your situation anymore then paying a deposit. What we recommend is signing up on a cheap electricity rate that might require a deposit. For instance, there are rates around 8 – 9 cents per kWh. This is about half the cost of what you would pay a no deposit electric company. You might have to put down $400 as a deposit but you will get that back. Instead of paying $500 a month you would be paying $240 a month if you use 3,000 kWh a month in electric usage. By paying a deposit you will save a few thousand dollars during the year and you will get that deposit money back.

We recommend shopping electricity prices in the Laredo Texas area by using the Texas energy service comparison chart above. Just type in your zip code for your Laredo TX area of town. Click on the button and a detailed list of energy service providers and rates will appear for your area of Laredo.

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