McAllen Texas Electricity

You can compare McAllen electric rates from multiple residential electric companies in the McAllen Texas area currently offering discount electricity offers much cheaper than Reliant and TXU Energy. To compare McAllen electricity rates just choose the plan you want to compare in the “Select Plan” box and then click on “Get Rates”. Once you have found the cheapest McAllen electric rate just click on continue with the provider you want to go with.

McAllen Texas Electric Rates

If you are in McAllen Texas and have had a hard time of it when trying to find a true discount electric rate then we may be able to help. We primarily assist Texas commercial electric service customers with finding a low cost electric rate. We do this through several different strategies. One option for Texas businesses in McAllen is by allowing us to put your business in an aggregation with other similar businesses. This would mean that if your business uses 50,000 kWh a year you could be in an aggregation where the combined usage was more like 1,000,000 kWh. This allows us to negotiate a much lower electric rate for you then you could do on your own.

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If you need something a little quicker then going through our reverse auction process or aggregation service we can send over some daily rates with current winning electric providers. Daily rates are not as competitive as letting us schedule out custom tailored pricing. The chart below gives an example of daily rates in your area. This chart is updated monthly and provides a good guage on what Commercial electric rates are doing in McAllen Texas.

Commercial Electric Rate Chart

Smith County Texas Electric Company Best Rate Comparison

Residential Electric Rates

If you need a competitive residential electric rate we keep discount offers available on the top sidebar of this site. Check back whenever you need a competitive discount residential electric rate in McAllen Texas as we try and keep the rates we offer as low as possible with proven reputable electric providers.

Speak to an Energy Consultant in McAllen Texas

If you would like to speak with someone first before deciding on an electric company, please feel free to call one of our energy consultants at Electricity Bid at the button below. We would be glad to go over different monthly terms, fixed rates, variable rates and why one option would be better over another. There are over 50 different electric companies in McAllen Tx but not all of these are reputable and in fact some are fly by night companies that may leave just as quickly as they came into Texas. For instance, National Power, Riverway Power, Pre-Buy Electric, Etricity, and a few other energy providers in Texas have all gone out of business after offering too good to be true electric rates. These companies left their electric customers having to go back out shopping for a competitive electric rate when energy prices are at a 3 year historical high. It is important not only to find a competitive rate but to sign up with a company that will not go out of business. Those customers of these energy providers were automatically switched to by the government to the POLR rate which was 20 – 30 cents kWh depending on your area and left many people in a financial crisis. This is just one example of why picking a reputable electric company is worth it.

Electricity Bid helps you find an electric rate and provider to save you money and keep life simple.

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