MIT Professor Urging Climate Change Activists To ‘Slow Down’

Lindzen_RichardNow we have MIT professors coming out of the wood work to explain that this climate change nonsense is a “dream come true for politicians”.

If you haven’t got it by now it’s important you realize this “climate change” thing is a setup to tax your energy and in reality man isn’t causing extreme weather or warming the planet.

Many extreme weather events are at record lows at this time in history and ice extent is up.

Written by CBS Boston on January 15 2014.

“A new proposal on climate change focuses on public health, energy, transportation and basic infrastructure.

Under the plan unveiled Tuesday, $40 million will go to help cities and towns shore up the power supply and keep the lights on.

Ten million will be earmarked for the coast, to protect it from rising sea-levels.

But will it work?

While the governor and others painted a dire picture of what global warming might do to us, others are more skeptical.

MIT Professor Richard Lindzen is a leading international expert on climate change.

“The changes that have occurred due to global warning are too small to account for,” he says. “It has nothing to do with global warming, it has to do with where we live.”

Lindzen endorses sensible preparedness and environmental protection but sees what he terms “catastrophism” in the climate change horror stories.

“Global warming, climate change, all these things are just a dream come true for politicians. The opportunities for taxation, for policies, for control, for crony capitalism are just immense, you can see their eyes bulge,” he says.

“Even many of the people who are supportive of sounding the global warning alarm, back off from catastophism,” Lindzen said. “It’s the politicians and the green movement that like to portray catastrophe.”


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