A Moss Covered Table That Generates Electricity

moss-tableA Moss table is a conceptual design to show what the future might look like if we decide to utilize Biophotovoltaic technology to generate electricity.

Through the photosynthesis of living organisms it is possible to create electricity to power lights and other small appliances in a house. Algae and Moss are ideal plants to grow for generating electric power.

In the future we may have many products that are a hybrid of both natural and artificial objects that are for the home.

In a way electricity generation and renewable energy is taking on a pathway of utility in art to help generate more enthusiasm for becoming more energy responsible.

The table was made simplisticly in order to focus your attention on the moss and the light it is creating.

Biophotovoltaics technology is just budding as a new way of generating electricity and one day through advancements in research scientists hope to be able to power modern day appliances that are more energy intensive.

This table was created at the University of Cambridge by Carlos Peralta and Alex Driver with the help of scientist Paolo Bombelli.

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