Riverway Power’s Bankruptcy Will not Be Going Through

Riverway Power attempted to declare bankruptcy as a way to keep their existing Texas electric service customers to reorganize and start over again. The Public Utility Commission of Texas asked them if they would be going ahead with the bankruptcy filing and the owner of Riverway Power said, “no we will not be able to declare bankruptcy.” For whatever reason, Riverway Power lawyers advised them to not go ahead with bankruptcy. Because Riverway will remain in business without filing bankruptcy they will have all of their customers transferred to the provider of last resort by the Texas state government.

If you are a Riverway Power customer you need to know a few things about this issue. If things occur as they have with National Power company who also had their customers transferred to the POLR rate you may lose your deposit with Riverway Power. Not only will you potentially lose your deposit but you will be put on the POLR rate which could be anywhere from 22 – 30 cents kWh depending on the area you live in. The POLR rate is something you want to get off ASAP as the rate is double and triple what you can get elsewhere.

Low Cost Reputable Electric Provider

If your in the Houston area Affordable Energy has the best 12 month fixed residential rate as of June 2008

If you are in the Dallas Fort Worth area and other areas you can sign up with Startex Power at one of the lowest rates out there right now. We no longer recommend Startex Power at this time.

National Power Company

Recent Blog Commentor Sheds New Light on National Power Company

A recent commentor to the blog as of September 2008 has made a claim that the people responsible for owning and operating NPC are the same people who own and operate “W Financial Services”. What gets interesting is after searching google for “W Financial Group” I found an article from the Securities and Exchange Commission that shows charges filed against, W Financial Group LLC or WFG for short, for defrauding 182 mostly elderly investors of their retirement savings totalling 17.9 million dollars. The charges go on to claim that WFG used those millions to purchase the majority stake in a Texas electric company. The blog commentor made the connection that both National Power Company and WFG were located at the same address. This seems to be a legitimate connection showing that National Power Company is one and the same company that defrauded 182 investors through the company, W Financial Group. You can read the SEC Charges here filed April 2008: W Financial Group LLC Charges by SEC

National Power Company

National Power company back in February 2008 was offering a 12 month electric rate plan at 11 cents\kwh for a 12 month fixed rate. This electric rate looked fantastic when comparing it to the other Texas electric providers. The rate included all pole and wires charges and had no monthly customer charge. In most cases they do not appear to require a credit check or deposit if you accept auto e-bill pay. What this means is the electric company will automatically deduct the amount owed on your Texas electric bill from a credit card or bank account. National Power also offered a variable 1 month electric rate at 10.5 cents kWh. The rate goes up after the first month and the previous two months regarding the variable electric rate are not disclosed.

Notice Regarding NPC’s Fixed and Variable Electric Rates

We have since learned that National Power Company has been raising their fixed electric rates on their customers after a few months of being on what the customer thought was the lowest fixed electric rate going. This has caused a fury of disgruntled National Power customers calling and emailing the Attorney General of Texas and the Public Utility Commission of Texas to investigate what appears to be a clear case of Bait and Switch from the Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

An article on Dallas News referenced a high profile customer of NPC, Steve Wolens, (Former Texas legislator who wrote the electricity deregulation laws, which allowed electric market participants to set their own rates) who was quoted as saying,

Give me a break, this is not a material change

As of May 2008 they show a 12 month fixed rate on the Power To Choose website at 14.7 cents a kilowatt hour.

Special Deal for National Power Company Customers

If you are a National Power customer and have had your fixed electric rate raised on you we have a special discount with a good solid electric provider in Texas by the name of Startex Power. Startex electric company has never reneged on an energy agreement and has a very straightforward fixed rate plan. The discount code is built into the link giving you a cheaper rate then what they normally advertise. Startex properly hedges their energy with their large capital base insuring they will never need to pass on a market price spike to the customer. Smaller electric companies like National Power Company, Riverway Power, and a few others pass these “fuel factor” price spikes on to the customer. Sign up on Startex Energy’s fixed discount rate plan here: Sign up Now! If you would like to speak with someone before signing up please call one of our Texas energy consultants who would be happy to answer your questions.

Feel free to call us at 1-800-971-4020 with any questions.

Update on National Power Company:

Someone called me today (May 9 2008) that locked in on the 12 month fixed electric rate with National Power Company back in February 2008 and said he received a letter in the mail saying that his rate of 11 cents a kilowatt hour would no longer be honored but he would now have to pay 15 cents a kwh if he wanted to stay with them. He was promised a 12 month fixed electric rate but this electric provider adjusted it on him and their reason was that the rate plan was a “plan” and not a “contract”. Anyone considering switching to National Power Company should be warned that they do not always honor their fixed electric rate contracts according to this customer. Supporting documentation and evidence have been reported to The Attorney General of Texas, Gregg Abbot and the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

I tried calling them today (Monday May 12th 2008) and their phone support would not answer. I have not been able to get through all day long. They should have to pay me an early termination penalty for cancelling my contract! I am filing a complaint with the BBB and the Attorney General of Texas. This is a clear case of “Bait and Switch” from the Deceptive Trade Practices Act. -April

Update as of May 16 2008

The Public Utility Commission has somehow convinced National Power Company to honor their fixed electric rates with their customers. Way to go guys. You rallied together on the internet and your large voice was heard by those who needed to here. It was pretty amazing to see just how quickly things turned in the consumers favor. This is how it should be. A new Texas electric company has recently filed for bankruptcy because of not hedging their energy correctly in the face of high electric prices and fuel costs. Prebuy Electric Company is now bankrupt which could be the fate of both National Power and Riverway Power if they are not able to swallow the additional energy costs they did not plan ahead for. As of June 4 2008 another electric provider called Etricity has gone out of business as well for not being able to meet their financial obligations to ERCOT. All of Etricity’s customers who paid a $300 deposit will never see it again and will have to go shopping for rates during some of the highest prices the Texas energy market has ever seen.

Comparable Electric Rate To National Power Electric Company

A low cost alternative electric rate offer to National Power Company would be with Startex Power Promo Rate  For a 12 month fixed electric rate we recommend Startex Energy as your low cost option. Click here to learn more.

National Power Company Detailed Review

National Power over the last several months has been shown to have some of the very lowest Texas electric rates in comparison to the other energy providers when comparing on the state power to choose website. We were initially impressed by their low rates and even wrote about their energy rate (free advertising to National Power) stating what a great low rate they had in comparison to the other retail electric providers. Since this time we have received call after call with people stating they cannot get through to their customer service desk when calling, others state that the company just hangs up on them when they call. Why is the company as of May 2008 being so unresponsive? National Power has been changing their fixed electric rate contracts when commodities like natural gas go up unlike many other providers who properly hedge their energy and offer a truly fixed electric rate that will not change the entire term of the fixed plan.

A couple of low cost providers that have never pulled a stunt like this are Startex Power and Green Mountain Energy. Both companies are highly ethical companies with accurate billing, good customer service and low rates. Startex has a good online discounted 12 month fixed rate provided you sign up online and Startex has some good longer term and shorter term fixed rate options as well.

Several Fake Positive Comments

It appears National Power has responded to their customers complaints in positive comments left as truly satisfied customers from their office ip address. It appears no real customer was available to leave a positive comment so they made up their own. Read below to find the positive comments coming from their company ip address. They seem to be acting like genuine satisfied customers. Pretty funny stuff!

Service Area: Entire Texas
Customer Type:
Track No: EL050015
Type: Corporation Status: Active

National Power Company Mailing Address

Primary: Company / Physical
616 FM 1960 ROAD WEST
Main: 281-377-7570
Alt: —
Fax: 281-377-0913
Email: RMackert1@aol.com

National Power Company Physical Address

616 FM 1960 RD. WEST
Main: 281-377-7570
Alt: 832-630-6495
Fax: 713-715-6953
Email: rhunter@nationalpowerco.com; jfrazier@nationalpowerco.com; lwilliams@nationalpowerco.com; jtorres@nationalpowerco.com

National Power Company SB Fund Contact

616 FM 1960 RD WEST
Main: 281-377-7570
Alt: —
Fax: 281-377-0045

National Power Co. SB Fund Address

National Power Company, Inc.
616 FM 1960 Rd West
Suite 700
Houston, TX 77090
Main: —
Alt: —
Fax: —

National Power Company / Physical Address

616 FM 1960 RD. WEST
Main: 281-377-7570
Alt: —
Fax: 713-715-6953
Email: rhunter@nationalpowerco.com; jfrazier@nationalpowerco.com; lwilliams@nationalpowerco.com; jtorres@nationalpowerco.com

Associated Names for National Power Co



Identification Numbers : Including REP Certificate Number for National Power Co.


Certificate: 10106
Type: REP
Date: 04/08/2005
Filings: Certification

Date: 03/02/2005
Note: Application for REP Certificate
Filings: New


National Power is now out of business as reported by the Electric Relaibility Council on May 26 2008. If you are a customer with this electric provider you will be automatically switched to the provider of last resort by the Texas government. The POLR rate is a much higher rate and you must begin shopping for more affordable electric rates or risk paying a much higher energy rate then you may have ever anticipated on having to do. National Power’s scheme of locking in their customers on the lowest rate in the market and then trying to raise it just didn’t work out for them did it? Several other electric companies in Texas have had to raise their electric rates or go out of business as of late. Riverway Power, Pre-Buy Electric, Etricity, Hwy 3, and Dynowatt are just a few of these Texas electric providers that customers have complained about on this site. Each of these companies have since received several complaints filed by their customers to the PUCT of Texas.

Texas Deregulated Cities Offering Multiple Electric Rate Choices

McAllen Texas Electricity Rates

Texas City Electricity Rates

National Power Company has a very good 6 month rate

National Power company today on www.powertochoose.org shows a great 6 month electricity rate of 12.1 cents kwh (As of June 1 2007). If you were to sign up today (June 1 2007) your term would expire in November giving you the opportunity to sign up while the weather is mild. This could possibly mean that there could be energy surpluses in November while natural gas is not being used as much by heaters or air conditioning. Because of energy surpluses you usually see natural gas and electricity prices come down some during these times. This of course is not guaranteed but for those who like to roll the dice and get in on market timing, now would be a good time with National Power Company. Their 6 month rate is 12.1 cents per kwh but don’t cancel as the early termination fee is $300.


We Have Since Learned That National Power Company Has Been Reneging on their fixed electric rate contracts. The old adage, “if it seems to good to be true it probably is”, apply’s here. We have had over 100 disastified customers call or email us letting us know that National Power Company has cancelled their different fixed term contracts whether it be a 6 month rate, 12 month, 18 month they were cancelled this summer May 2008. Apparently National Power Co. does not hedge their energy so if the market does not go their way they pass that on to the customer.

You can read the whole fiasco on our main blurb about National Power Company here: NationalPowerco.com

National Power Company Electricity Facts Label
PUC # – 10106, Residential Service Plan for theTexas Region
6 Month Price Protection Plan (Fixed Rate)
Issue Date: May 2007
Version#: 050107

Electricity Prices

Average monthly use:
Average price per kilowatt-hour:
0-500 kWh 501-1,000 kWh 1001-Greater kWh

Centerpoint Service Area:
Average price per kilowatt-hour:

$0.122 $0.122 $0.122

TXU Service Area:
Average price per kilowatt-hour:

$0.121 $0.121 $0.121

AEP Central Service Area:
Average price per kilowatt-hour:

$0.130 $0.130 $0.130

WTU (AEP North) Service Area:
Average price per kilowatt-hour:

$0.130 $0.130 $0.130

TNMP Service Area:
Average price per kilowatt-hour:

$0.122 $0.122 $0.122

Your average price for electricity service will vary according to your actual monthly usage. The price is a flat pricing structure. The price per kWh includes standard transmission and distribution kWh charges as established by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) and is subject to change during the term of this agreement if there are any changes in fees imposed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and/or Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) authorized changes in standard Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) charges . This price does not include any taxes, nor is it limited to the following non-recurring (TDSP) charges: a new service initiation fee, connection fee, fee for any meter reading performed outside the normal cycles, disconnection fee, and/or re-connection fee. A $250 deposit may be required. A $4.95 monthly base customer charge will be applied to customers who use less than 500 KWh per month.


Minimum Term: 6 months Penalty for early cancellation: $300

See Terms of Service for a full listing of fees, deposit policy, and other terms

Sources of




This product

(for comparison)

Coal and Lignite



Natural Gas






Renewable Energy









Emissions and waste per kWh generated

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