Shredding Documents at NPC

An ex-employee at NPC has provided some information on the status of National Power as of today (June 6 2008). Apparently they are shredding documents. This may be a good or bad thing. Since all their customers credit card information is on file in hard copy they may be trying to destroy that information so that no one steals your information. If that is the reason then good for them. They only have a couple accountants left there and a few phone customer support people. According to the ex-employee they are going to tell you whatever they have to in order to collect your balance. From the employees and customers of National Power’s experience, NPC has been lieing to collect balances due. Be careful when speaking with them in being lured into them telling you what they have to to get you to pay up. They broke your fixed electric rate agreement, not the other way around.

employeesOfNPC said,
in June 6th, 2008 at 9:29 am

I just went to pick up my final paycheck from NPC. We all got fired except for a few people..all of collections are still there (of course because they have to try to collect as much money as possible) 2 people in accounting and some people answering the phone, but I was told the calls are not coming thru because the phones are “not working” properly. They have a few people shredding documents, because for all of the people that signed up for e-bill plan..we had to make a copy to keep for our records and then they were turned in to Data Entry, and another copy was placed in your file..what does that mean? There are thousands of copies of peoples CC and Bank Account information just sitting in files for anyone to see..just a heads up…Oh but I was told that David was not able to keep his licence, so that’s very good news, but he can re-apply to get it back in as little as a few months..make sure that does not happen.

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