Electricity Creating Soccer Ball Offers Free Energy to Off-Grid Areas

A team of Harvard scientists developed a soccer ball to assist in creating free energy to light houses in several countries on the continent of Africa that love to play soccer and also typically use kerosene lamps to light their houses.

The lamps have been known to be a fire hazard in these countries and so to have a way to generate free electricity from every kick that hits a ball is quite an interesting way to create power that is free and assists in eliminating the fire hazard issue in small poor villages on the continent of Africa and other areas like it.

The ball harnesses the kinetic energy of the soccer ball and offers an amazing and yet fun solution to the creation of energy for the purpose of lighting a house.

These countries can also power water sterilizers, charging cell phones, and ther small appliances.

The inductive coil mechanism inside the ball makes this energy creation process all possible and is one of many new remarkable energy technologies being created today to help resource needy areas of the world.

Watch Soccket in action in Mexico in the video below.

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