October 2008 Dallas Residential Electric Rates

If you are confused about electric rates in Dallas and surrounding Oncor utility area we have a great comparison chart below comparing mostly fixed rates with several different electric providers. These electric rates are residential rates. There are a few variable rates in the mix because those companies only offered a variable electric rate so we listed their only option. The rates are designated as to whether they are a fixed electric rate or a variable rate. I recommend to avoid signing up on a variable rate because the month after you sign up on that rate plan the electric rate could do just about anything. A variable electric rate has taken many residential customers by surprise this summer when rates trippled in price. A fixed electric rate is a much safer way to lock into an energy rate because you know exactly what price you will pay the entire term of your contract.

Current October 2008 Residential Electric Rate Comparison

These rates are updated as of October 2 2008. Because residential electric rates change every few weeks these rates will be a little higher or lower as the month continues. This comparison chart will serve as a good indicative comparison of where residential electric rates are at for the month of October 2008. You may click on the links on this comparison chart and sign up online to receive a slightly lower electric rate then calling these providers on the phone. By signing up for electric service online you keep the electric companies costs low for aquiring a new customer and they reward you by giving you a slight discount then if you were to call and speak to a customer service rep over the phone. Signing up online also allows you to take advantage of online discounts that are not promoted when calling the providers on the phone. When you call an electric provider on the phone they expect to close about 70 % of those customers who call in. Because of this most providers will try to sell you a higher electric rate then is available via online discount offers.

The companies offering the cheapest rates for the month of October are Startex Power – Sign up Now

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