Texas Electric Smart Meters: What They Are & How They Help You Save on Your Energy Bill

In years gone by, all businesses and personal residences were required to have an electricity meter on their property. The electric company would send meter readers out to read them once a month, and that’s how they calculated your bill.

Now, this is no longer necessary thanks to Texas’s smart meters. Their function is the same – to measure your electricity use so that your electric company can know how much to bill you. But, they cut out the need for a meter reader.

All information is transported back to your electricity company electronically. And, the information is constantly updated – it records your energy usage every 15 minutes. This, in essence, shows your energy usage in real time.

Another neat feature of Texas smart meters is that it records and analyzes a history of your Texas electricity use. This saves you money because you can use this data to manage your energy consumption better.

Use Smart Meters to Get Off Prepaid Electric Service Plans

Customers who are on prepaid electric service plans can use the data provided by smart meters to choose a “smarter” energy plan. When you know how much energy you use, you can use this raw data to shop for a Texas electric company that offers more competitive rates.

Many pre-paid electric plan customers are surprised to learn that they’re being charged 14, 15 or 16 cents per kilowatt hour, when the going rate for consumers who aren’t on these plans is only 9 or 10 cents per kilowatt hour, for example.

Knowledge truly is power and Texas’s electric smart meters can arm you with all you need to lower your monthly energy bill.

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