Perplexing Problem of Electricity Outages, Brownouts, and Blackouts

What a Nuclear Power Plant Looks Like From Several Thousand Feet

So why don’t the electric utilities simply put more power on the grid so as to prevent the shortage of electricity in the first place?

For the average electric service consumer this is a common and reasonable question to ask but really you should be asking a different question.

The question should be, “Why isn’t there more power “Available” to put on the grid than there is currently in order to prevent a blackout?”

Try and think of electricity like water going through a pipeline. Just as you can only force so much water down a pipeline at one time so is the case for electricity. In the pipeline there is more than enough water to meet the demand and you simply turn on the faucet and take what you need.

Try to think of the flow of electricity through the electric grid as you would think of the flow of water through pipe lines. At a set voltage (pressure) it’s impossible to make any more electrical current (volume) go down the line than is possible to flow through the end appliances (valves).

Electric power travels down the grid in a similar manner as in your water line, we take what we need from the power that is made available on the line at a certain voltage.

Back at the power plants only once more electricity is being demanded can the power be generated and more made available on the power lines. If a few power plants go down or a hot summer days estimates are off it could be too late to turn on another power plant in time.

Nuclear plants are very expensive and hard to shut down and start up so when less energy is demanded the first power plants to turn off are hydro and gas plants.

If there is a hot summer day in Texas the following day the gas plants get turned back on again to meet peak demand during that day. The trick the grid operators have to achieve is in creating just the exact amount of electricity as is demanded during the day and sending it down the power lines.

When demand estimates are off and businesses and residences are in danger of having a power outage Texas works a program that involves businesses who have prior agreed to turning off their facility during peak times in the day to keep the flow of power going in order to prevent a brownout or blackout.

Often these facilities have backup generators that create electricity while they remain off the grid and so their facility still runs with the electricity they create on site.

The electricity demand curtailment programs available in Texas are listed below.

Load Resource Participation: Customer load curtailment offers can be bid into a number of different ancillary services markets. Participation requirements and compensation depend upon the particular market, and all programs require that customers have real-time telemetry installed. For the Responsive Reserve and Non-Spinning Reserve markets, capacity payments are made regardless of whether the customer is called upon to curtail. click here for more info on LRP

Voluntary Load Response: Participants get compensated for curtailing electricity load at their will, in response to the actual or projected hourly MCPE. click here for more info on the VLR program

Emergency Interruptible Load Service (EILS): Participants bid to provide electric load reductions. The program is for helping in emergencies rather than simply high price conditions on the ERCOT grid. click here for more info on EILS

If you would like to participate in one or more of these demand curtailment programs with the state of Texas our group of energy consultants can assist with all the details. Please use our contact page to let us know if you would be interested in this unique way to receive money in exchange for turning your power off for a short interval and running on generator power.

Lubbock, Texas Electricity Companies, Rate Plans, and Energy Conservation

Lubbock TX electricity companiesToday is an age of “living green”. Everyone is encouraged to do his or her part to save the environment. Residents of Lubbock, Texas need to make sure they do their part, too. One way to “live green” is to conserve energy by changing your consumption of electricity. In some countries, citizens are forced to conserve energy. There are even some places where the government dictates when people can take hot showers! In the land of the free, residents of Lubbock, Texas make their own choice about energy conservation.

If you want to do your part for the environment, there are various ways to save energy. One of the easiest ways is to turn off the lights. Often, people have several lights on in their homes, even in unoccupied rooms. By turning of lights that are not being used, you can save much-needed energy. Watering your lawn in the morning or evening is another way to save water and energy. The cooler morning and evening temperatures prevent the water from evaporating quickly, allowing your lawn to absorb more moisture.

Conserving energy leads to lower electric bills. In Lubbock County Texas there is no choice to choose a competitive electricity company as this area of Texas did not opt into electricity deregulation.

If you want to choose an alternate electricity supplier other than South Plains Electric Cooperative you unfortunately have no choice.

For new service or to inquire about an existing account, call (806) 775-7766

Global Warming Legislation may raise your Lubbock Texas electric rates

South Plains Electric Coop has taken steps to ask the EPA and federal government to pause their request for electric coops in Texas to meet global warming regulations involving emissions standards and retrofits on power plants, and transmission facilities.

Because electric coops serve a small amount of customers in their specific location they do not have the funds to adhere to expensive government regulations. When EPA regulations require your Lubbock electric coop to fix global warming they are asking the coop to spend millions of dollars to fix something that is still up for debate as to whether it even exists.

A recent news story admits that the research and numbers that produced the research article on global warming done by Al Gore and top scientists that led to his Nobel Peace Prize was way of the mark in regards to the factual data and numbers.

This recent discovery regarding Global Warming muddies the water even further on whether electric coops in Texas really need to spend this kind of money to control CO2 emissions into the air.

If TX electric coops do have to make these CO2 emissions changes it will drastically raise coop electricity rates that do not have the same economies of scale as do TXU Energy and Reliant Energy that have several million customers.

South Plains Electric Cooperative is joining with electric co-ops nationally to ask Congress for a much-needed timeout—a two-year moratorium on EPA regulations of carbon dioxide emissions. The agency’s regulation of power plant emissions under a law never intended for that purpose will certainly add costs to electricity generation and drive your bills higher.

A delay would give Congress the opportunity to fashion climate change legislation that protects you, our members, and keeps electric bills affordable. You can help by contacting your elected representatives in Washington and letting them know the importance of this issue.

The Future of Electric Cars in Pasadena, Texas and is this good for your electric bill?

chevrolet volt electricity powered carResidents of Pasadena, Texas may soon see electric cars everywhere. Certain areas in Texas were picked to be the test market for Volt from Chevrolet. According to the US government the Volt is an electric car, not a hybrid car like others currently being sold but when the car entered the market it was discovered to be a hybrid like all the others.

The Volt is a car that will run on electricity for about 35 miles. That means that you will not be burning fuel during your morning drive to your Pasadena, Texas job. If the Volt and other electric cars are successful, there may soon be no need for fuel-driven cars. The negative to the Volt is that when comparing it’s fuel efficiency to other cars it doesn’t fair so well. After the initial 35 miles of driving with fuel ecomony at around 93 miles a gallon via electric power you are switched to gasoline fuel and you only get 37 miles to the gallon.

Note: we have done a conversion to show you what the electric power delivers in miles in miles per gallon of gasoline even though we are talking about kilowatt hours here. There are 33.7 kilowatt-hours in a gallon of gasoline. If you are paying 11 cents per kilowatt hour than that would cost $3.70 per gallon equivalent of gas. So in the case of an electric car you are paying more and you are not converting fuel at a 1 to 1 ratio therefore you are actually polluting the environment more it’s just concentrated at the power generation facility and not your city.

Saving our fossil fuels is a concern for everyone, including the residents of Pasadena, Texas. Electric cars appear to be a way to conserve these precious fuels and help the environment but in reality the power plants that create the electricity for the car are burning natural gas and oil. These fuels are not converting power at a 1 to 1 ratio. This means your car is inneficient simply because it uses electric power.

If you are considering an electric car in your future, you may probably wonder what it will do to your electric bill. After all, these cars have to be plugged in and your electric usage will rise. Fortunately, you have the freedom to choose your Pasadena, Texas electric provider which will allow you to find the cheapest rate.

Use our comparison chart to see the rates of area providers. You may or may not be using the cheapest electric service. By switching providers to one with a lower rate, you can purchase your electric car with no worries. Lower rates mean a lower electric bill. Get started now by using our comparison chart and see what a difference a few cents can make. When electric cars become the “norm”, you will be prepared because you will already be saving money on every kWh that you use.

Lower Electric Rates in Laredo, Texas

laredo texas electricity pricesLower electric rates all across the state of Texas are making the residents of Laredo, Texas very happy.

Instead of having to pay outrageous prices for electricity, customers are seeing lower bills every month. The reason behind the lower rates – dropping prices of natural gas. You may wonder what natural gas prices have to do with electricity.

Natural gas is used at the power plants that generate your electricity. When the prices of natural gas are high, the increase passes on to the customer. When the prices are low, the savings are passed on to the customer. This means you save money every month.

The next time you look at your Laredo, Texas electric bill, take the time to appreciate the savings. You can save even more money by switching your electric service provider. Competing providers offer various prices on the cost per kWh. You can use our comparison chart to compare the rates. Our chart takes only a few seconds to provide you with a list of Laredo, Texas service providers. In just a few minutes, you can be on your way to saving even more money on your already lowered electric bill.

All you need to do is type in your zip code and view the results. You are never obligated to switch service providers and our comparison chart is free to use. We only want to ensure that you are aware of the other providers and the potential savings. Regardless of whether you switch Laredo, Texas providers, try our comparison chart. Compare the rates with your own eyes and make an informed decision.

Our site offers a comparison of traditional Laredo Texas electric companies and no deposit electricity suppliers. You can see rates with all fees bundled into the rates. If you have questions regarding the comparison chart please call us at 1-800-971-4020

How Natural Gas Affects Fort Worth, Texas Electric Rates

fort worth texas electricity comparisonYour Fort Worth, Texas electricity comes at a price, but thanks to the shale production of natural gas in Louisiana, Arkansas and other states, your rates are dropping. By providing Fort Worth, Texas electric providers with more natural gas because the shale production is increasing, the electric price decreases. Think of it in terms of supply overcoming the demand. The demand for natural gas by power plants in Texas is large. Since shale production is increasing the volume of natural gas produced, it is easier for the power plants to receive the needed gas. This results in overall savings that are passed down to you, the consumer.

The production of natural gas in other states is vital to the success and, ultimately, the cost of electricity production in Texas. If power plants have to pay exorbitant fees for natural gas because the demand is greater than the supply, the consumer ends up covering some of that cost. Since the shale production of natural gas makes it faster and easier to produce the gas, the power plants save money and you get your electricity at a lower rate.

While you may be completely satisfied with your Fort Worth, Texas electric provider, you always have the option of change. Using our convenient comparison chart, you can quickly see how other providers “measure up” to your current provider. Other providers may be more expensive or they might be cheaper. It only takes a few seconds to view a complete list of your area electric providers. You are not obligated to switch providers so you risk nothing by trying our comparison chart.

You may call us at 1-800-971-4020 regarding our commercial energy reverse auction process or our residential electric rates for Fort Worth in the rate chart above.

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