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When shopping electricity rates and plans in Arlington Texas it is important to consider what your main concern is. If your credit isn’t that good you will find that most electricity providers are going to require a deposit somewhere in the range of $300 – $800. This can be outside the budget of many people especially if you have already put down a deposit on other utilities and possibly an apartment of rental house. When relocating to Arlington Texas you could potentially have deposits from your rental house, utilities and phone contracts totaling a few thousand dollars.

Since an electricity contract in Arlington can make up one of the larger deposits it is helpful to know of some alternatives to the traditional electricity company. Their is a company by the name of Bounce Energy that will take $125 upfront but will apply that to your first months electricity bill. This is much smaller then some of the deposit amounts you will be asked for from most providers and instead of waiting to receive the deposit money after 12 months you will get it back on your first months electricity bill.

Second Chance at Traditional Electricity Service in Arlington with No Deposit

You can call Bounce Energy if you have already attempted to sign up for Arlington Texas electricity service from several other energy companies and have been asked for an outrageous deposit. Bounce will give you a second chance and if you pay your electricity bill on time the first 3 months they will proactively lower your electric rate to their cheapest available plan.

Bounce can be reached at 1-866-945-8937

If your credit is good and you are simply looking for the cheapest electricity company without any tricks or gimmicks then we have some good choices below. All fees and charges are displayed in the electricity chart below. We currently do not offer electricity service with Reliant Energy or TXU Energy but as of September 30 2009 TXU Energy is at 11.1 cents and Reliant Energy is at 11.9 cents per kWh keeping their electricity rates a few cents higher than the cheapest Arlington Texas electricity provider listed in our Texas electric company comparison chart below.

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