Rock Wall Texas Electric Rates

How to Compare Rock Wall Residential Electricity Rates

You can easily compare residential electric rate plans in Rock Wall Texas by taking into consideration a few different things. Some of the electricity providers in Rock Wall will only quote a rate that includes the “energy only” charges. The TDSP charges won’t be included so the energy price looks better then the rest of the companies quoting you. This is a very deceptive way of quoting a rate but we have seen it from about 5 different electric companies currently advertising electricity prices in Texas. There are a few different tactics on what Rock Wall Texas residential electric companies will use to make their electricity prices look better.

  • Move some of the “energy only” charges down under the TDSP section of the electric bill and then quote you only the retail energy only part of the rate.
  • Only quote the retail “energy only” part of the Rock Wall residential electric rate and not mention TDSP charges.
  • Quote a very low electricity rate and make it look similar to a fixed rate by assigning a term commitment but in the fine print stipulate that the electric rate is variable and subject to change.
  • Selling a fixed electric rate product but in the contract mention in the fine print that there is an additional “fuel surcharge” and the rate will change if fuel prices change. (Fuel prices change as often as stocks and are very volatile.)
  • Are the Residential Electric Rates Listed on Electricity Bid Trustworthy?

    Electricity Bid only advertises electric rates and electric providers that deal honestly and ethically with their customers. The energy prices on this site disclose all charges and fees up front so you know exactly what you are being charged for. After signing up on a discount Rock Wall Texas residential electric rate on Texas Electricity Bid you will not be surprised later on with additional fees and charges crammed onto the electric bill.

    What Residential Electric Rate Does Texas Electric Bid Recommend?

    If you are a Texas home dweller or are residing in an apartment in Rock Wall Texas you have many choices as far as the company and electric rate you choose. Not all fixed rate terms are for everyone. Based on your situation you may want to pick a shorter term fixed rate or possibly a longer term. If you will only be at your place for a few months you may want to get a 1 month fixed rate so you are not locked into a term commitment. If you are risk averse and will not be moving anytime soon then a longer term will lock in the Rockwall Texas electric rate for the entire term you choose. By locking in the electricity price you will not have to worry about your rate going up on you until your contract expires. There are several different electric rate terms anywhere from 1 month to 3 years. We have provided a comparison list of Rockwall Texas electric companies to compare and pick the cheapest electric company. You will just need to click on the sign up link when you have found the rate that suits your situation. These electric prices are updated daily and are current. If you have a question about a company, rate or plan you can feel free to call a Texas Electric Bid energy consultant who would be glad to answer your questions. We have provided a residential electric rate comparison chart below if you would like to see a detailed apples to apples rate comparison with all fees and charges disclosed. These electric rates apply for most areas in Rock Wall Texas. Click on the continue button to confirm rate.

    Click Here to compare Rock Wall Residential electric rates

    Commercial Electric Rates in Rock Wall Texas

    When comparing residential electric rates in Rock Wall you may have seen commercial electricity prices as well that looked much cheaper then a residential electric rate you were quoted. In contrast to a residential energy price a commercial rate will only show the “energy only” charge at first when being quoted by an energy consultant or electric provider. The reason is that commercial electric prices do not already have the TDSP charges fixed across the board for everyone as do residential rates. The government has stipulated what the TDSP charges are for residences and everyone pays the same. For commercial businesses it is based on their historical electric usage to estimate what the TDSP charges will be. Because the TDSP charges are not readily known for a Rock Wall commercial business they can only be quoted the “energy only” charge in the initial quotation. This is very common practice among all electric providers and energy consulting practices. Once the historical electric usage is obtained from the utility (Oncor Electric Delivery in Rock Wall) the TDSP charges can be accurately quoted in the rate proposal. If you would like to speak to an energy consultant about your commercial energy rate in Rock Wall you may call Texas Electricity Bid at 1-800-971-4020.

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