Texans Envy That Solar Electricity Is Under Half The Price Of Grid Power For Australians

solarIn Texas it gets sunny here and solar rooftop power could be a big bonus in the form of extra dollars each month to a families monthly budget.

The government in Australia offers renewable energy credits that allow solar panels to be subsidized so that people can cheaply purchase a solar rooftop system.

There are actually programs like that in the U.S. as well and in different states and electric utilities. In fact if you have an iphone there is a useful app for finding this out. It’s called, “WattRebate

The rooftop systems with subsidies in place allow the cost per kilowatt hour to go down from typical grid prices of 30 cents per kilowatt hour to around 15 cents per kilowatt hour when you add in all costs.

Keep in mind the subsidies coming from tax payers is not figured into this price. Considering solar is now half the cost of regular on the grid electricity and people can get loans for about 7 % interest for a rooftop solar system it is making a lot of sense to get one of these solar systems.

In a month Australia will be ending the subsidies for these systems and I would also consider that current solar panels in production are not very efficient or cheap.

New technological break through in battery storage technology and in cheaper but more efficient solar panels is only a few short years a way from going onto retail shelves.

wadConsidering the added benefit of plug and play easy USB solar systems soon to come that are cheap, more efficient, and simple to install it makes sense for places like Texas to admire Australia but hold off a bit. Go ahead and jump for joy but still keep that wad of hundreds in your pocket a little longer.

We don’t need to subsidize inefficient solar technology that will soon become extremely outdated and eclipsed by much more efficient and affordable technology.

I predict very soon we will all start hooking up solar to our rooftops and may be able to go into Lowe’s or Home Depot to purchase the equipment and easily install it ourselves as easy as we would clip on some rain gutters to our roof.

solar-ausGovernment subsidies probably will not even be needed anymore as the panels will finally be priced reasonably enough but the idea of a tax credit which we currently have could go a long way in encouraging everyone to adopt the technology when it finally makes sense to buy it.

The deep cycle batteries you need for a totally off-grid system are also still very expensive. Even if you can’t buy a cheap deep cycle battery or two you still have the option of sending much of the excess energy you create back on the grid which can be credited to your account and reduce your monthly electric bill.

I applaud Australia’s adoption of solar although I do wonder if in 5 years they will come to realize that those in the U.S. have done the same thing as they have but it cost the citizens and government about 10 times less to do it.

In summary, coal has dramatically taken a backseat in the energy industry and it did not require much fighting to do it simply because natural gas is cleaner and cheaper and has dominated the industry as of late.

solarearthI believe natural gas will be an awesome transition fuel for generating electricity as we wait patiently for the time when solar will finally be the number one off-grid and perhaps on-grid renewable electricity source in America.

Green Electricity in Texas

For those who have been considering making the jump over to renewable Texas electricity even if it costs a little bit more there are a few things to know first before you get started. Renewable Energy in Texas is not piped directly from the power generating facility to your home when you sign up on a renewable electricity plan. There are a few things that happen that are related to virtual paper transaction and out of state renewable energy sources when you purchase this energy. Most of the clean renewable energy you purchase may be land fill gas and wood garbage. Through renewable energy credits that allow an energy provider to virtually buy credit for wind and solar energy they can sell you a renewable energy plan that has little to do with how you may perceive.

ESS Solar – Professional Texas Solar Installers

Did anyone see those T Boone Pickens commercials where he was trying to rally people behind a plan that would get the government to help him send his wind turbine energy from West Texas to Dallas and Houston areas. This would be a plan that most people think is already happening when they purchase renewable green energy. The truth is wind and solar energy is not being piped into the ERCOT electric grid and reaching Dallas and Houston homes. Your energy is being produced by natural gas and coal fired power plants. Through REC’s and virtual paper transaction you are signing up on a renewable electricity plan but this is not exactly the ideal situation most people want to see when it comes to cleaning up our state.

Are we saying that Green electricity in Texas is a bad idea? No we are not saying that you should not sign up on a green electricity rate plan. We are just explaining that the renewable energy you are purchasing is not how it may seem to be. That wind and solar generated power was likely not created in the state of Texas and if it was it was not by a power plant near you. The fact is that Renewable Energy Credits also known as REC’s do help in saving the environment but much more needs to be done so that we can lower the cost of wind and solar by having this power directly delivered onto our ERCOT electric grid from the power source. Then we can say that, yes, some green renewable energy is being sent from wind turbines and solar powered power plants and onto the electric grid that feeds the electricity that powers your home.

Building a free solar panel system to power your home

Solar Electricity is doable so long as you pick the right solar company and strategy

How many of us have checked into solar only to find that it is impossible to successfully do because of the enormous expense. Just the amount of solar panels and batteries you would need to power your refrigerator would be out of most peoples budget and the time it would take to recoup the investment would be quite awhile. You would be looking at spending around $20,000 for the energy you would need to power your refrigerator all year long. That is a big investment!

Because solar is this expensive most people immediately start looking elsewhere for a green energy approach that costs less. Wind turbines and vegetable oil generators are a couple ways of doing it for less. Before we steer clear of solar for good there has been a new more affordable way to retrofit your house with solar and it actually be an affordable solution. There is a solar panel manufacturer that will retrofit your house with solar panels they produce for only a $500 deposit. The way this manufacturer can get away with charging so little is that you have to pay the manufacturer for the solar energy it produces. The manufacturer tries to keep the electric rate you pay them similar to what you would pay your Retail Electric Provider. If the solar panel infrastructure they put on your house gets destroyed that will not be a problem. The company will maintain it for free. If something goes wrong, they fix it, at their expense.

This program is known as the Citizenre program.

There is a web presence for this online that will help you get started in the sign up process.

Solar can be free because their is a profit incentive to make it free

Solar has never been affordable but so many people think harnessing the suns energy is a great green way to go. It makes sense, because you have all of this heat from the sun going to waiste otherwise. It would be nice if solar was affordable so you could use this energy and do away with coal fired power plants and other pollution causing generation plants. In the past even if you were to invest in solar to try and save money you would end up losing your money then if you had of placed it in a money market account instead. So we have practically no one who really is all that interested in solar in order to save money on their energy bill. The Citizenre program however attempts to make this power source affordable to the masses.

Solar has many new inventions in the horizon. We have over 5 different companies who have a business model devoted to making a solar product that is affordable enough to have those who invest in it actually save money on their electricity. That would mean the cost involved in purchasing their solar kit is not cost prohibitive. Citizenre has a rental program where they will install the system for you and you basically rent it from them while paying them for the electricity. Also remember this company will fix for free any problem along the way. Film based solar cells at a super thin size will eventually make solar panels affordable for everyone. New solar panels built out of plastic will take up more space but will be about 10 times cheaper to build then conventional solar panels. A new mirror technology that harnesses more of the sun rays and beams them onto the solar panels will make solar more efficient. Solar appears to have a bright and less expensive future.

If this is not for you but you like the idea of being updated regarding the latest news and information about solar power in Texas than we would like to recommend the resource we use. This company obviously hopes you will eventually become their customer but in the meantime they are great at sending out relevant information on new solar panel technology as it hits the Texas market.

Also feel free to ask about their free solar panel site survey where they come out to your property to put together a quote on how much it will cost to install a solar system at your house. They may be able to give you a preliminary review and quote on the phone without needing to come to your home. The companies name is ESS Solar and they can be reached by clicking on the banner below.

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