Solar Panel Home Windows, Transparent and Affordable

There has been a recent development and practical application of a transparent solar panel created by UCLA with a substance I can only describe as “glass like plastic”

Imagine having solar panels with the practical ability to act as windows so you can see outside and yet they are creating energy at the same time?

The greatest part of this new invention is that they can be made very afford-ably and solve the problem of how to make windows into solar panels.

I am sure many others have thought, “If we could just make solar panels transparent we could power skyscrapers”

As you can probably tell there will be numerous practical applications for solar panels that double as windows and skyscrapers is just the tip of the iceberg here.

The University of California, Los Angeles says these polymer solar cells produce energy by taking in almost all infrared light, allowing the window solar panels to be about 68 per cent transparent to us humans.

The windows were made from photo-active plastic which provides a way to turn infrared light into electricity.

The ability to produce these new solar cells at a high volume and low cost has got me super interested in these things.

I imagine cell phones and a majority of other electronics will one day incorporate these things into their functionality.

These solar cells were invented in the California NanoSystems Institute which is no surprise to me as nano technology continues to make strides in many new breakthrough inventions that are created.

The nano part of this technology is the small silver nanowire composite film that is put as the top transparent electrode. These panels are able to absorb a lot of near infrared light but not as much visible sunlight which is the trade off that allows for them to remain transparent.

The nano-mixture is silver nanowire and titanium dioxide nano-particles which allows for transparency and not just opaqueness as has been all that could be achieved in the past.


Affordable Solar Panels

ESS Solar – Texas Solar Panel Installers

Many people like myself have searched for several years to find a cheap affordable solution using solar panels for your residential home. Unfortunately the cost has always outweighed the benefit of being off grid. The upfront capital investment in solar panels would take 20 years to successfully pay off and maybe more. Deep cycle batteries eventually deplete and new ones need to be bought to store the solar power energy created and then fed into the appliances and cooling systems for your house.

Recently new solar technology has come out in the news like the thin film solar panel technology that will allow solar panels to be manufactured similar to the printing of paper money. The problem exposed about thin film solar panels is that they are inefficient. To be fair the thin film technology may be inefficient but it is cheap to make and more affordable to consumers like me wanting to buy solar panels to assist in getting off the grid or atleast having a cogeneration set up. The way cogeneration works is that any unused power generated by off grid technology can be fed back on the grid and credited on your meter directly. Solar still needs some more advancements and breakthroughs and right now there is a shortage of silicon for manufacturers to start mass producing some of the new technologicaly tweaked solar panels. A recent discovery that has cast a shadow on thin film solar technology is the new vertically aligned, low-density carbon nanotubes that are the blackest material ever invented or created. You may wonder why it needs to be the blackest to be such a wonderful advancement in science. Having a blacker solar panel means it becomes extremely efficient and cost effective. A very black solar cell means you will not need to buy as many solar panels to do the same thing and it will cost less. Just like CPU processors have become smaller, more efficient, and less expensive the solar industry is working on doing the same.

So where do you go to buy the latest thin film solar panels and blackest of black more efficient solar panels? The answer is sketchy as manufacturers that sell solar panels are still selling old outdated technology because they have not yet produced an available retail product for a residential home using either thin film or the smaller blacker low-density carbon nanotube solar panels. We spoke with an engineer at Applied Materials and went back and forth with them about the thin film technology they have a patent on and licensing ability to make available to solar panel manufacturers. There are several manufacturers working on getting a product created especially in Asia and China but I received no email back from Applied Materials when I asked for just one available retail store selling the thin film solar panel technology. Applied Materials were happy to talk about manufacturing opportunities but were silent on if the technology has actually reached retail stores. For right now the solar panel technology is still in the dark ages for a residential home. If you are going to invest in a solar panel system for your residential home be aware that you may be buying something that will shortly be replaced by a more efficient cheaper solution. With everyone talking about Green Energy and many companies including the NFL, Fox, Green Mountain Energy, Al Gore and a slew of other companies there is no end in site to the demand for green energy products. I have never seen more demand for green energy and solar panels in my life and I can only imagine this will rise significantly when the new technology hits the retail shelf.

If you would like updates on new solar retail products and technology as it comes available we have contacts with Solar manufacturers, and several retail solar stores featured on TV and trade magazines that keep us current on any new developments. When we receive this information we will be happy to pass it along to you.

Feel free to contact the local Texas solar panel and renewable energy solutions company below who we use to keep us informed of solar panel technology updates. They have a newsletter they send out to prospective customers keeping them informed of the latest solar products and energy efficiency solutions in the market. They are very good people which is why I am recommending them. Just fill out their contact form and let them know you would like to be kept updated on new technology.

Professional Solar Installation in Texas

10 Steps to a More Energy Efficient Home

Cooling and Heating is the Primary Energy Hog in a Home

Heating and cooling costs account for about 50-70% of the energy used in the average Texas home, the Energy Efficient Saver program from Electricity Bid and Pierce Energy is the easiest, most effective way to:

  1. Save money (up to 30% or more) on your Texas electric bill
  2. Improve the general well being and comfort level of your Texas home
  3. Raise the value of your house, and
  4. Gives you the opportunity to reduce the demand load in your city which can lower the rate for everyone.

Designed in accordance with U.S. Department of Energy recommendations, the Energy Efficient Saver program combines 10 proven energy saving solutions into a single program that can pay for itself through Texas power savings of up to 30% and sometimes more in annual heating and cooling costs. With the help of the federal and state government many of the costs in this program are paid for by the government.

10 Steps Performed with the Energy Efficiency Saver Program

  • Apples to Apples Electric Rate Comparison at Electricity
  • Blower Door Setup and Calculations Performed on Air Leakage From Home
  • Assessment of Insulation Damage in Attic and Walls
  • Mastic Paint Used to Seal Leaks Coming From Air Conditioning Ducts Located in Attic.
  • Doors and Windows Retrofitted with Devices to Stop Air and Energy Leaks
  • Blow in Insulation and Radiant Barrier Installed in Attic
  • See Through Energy Efficient Storm Windows Installed on Existing Windows.
  • Feasibility Study for the Installation of Solar Panels
  • Power Saver Device Installed at Meter to reduce the loss of Electricity Through Energy Surges
  • Advice on How to Maintain Continued Energy Efficiency Best Practices for Your Home

If you would like to receive solar technology and renewable energy updates in Texas then we would like to recommend ESS Solar. This is a local solar panel and renewable energy company in Texas that works with several solar panel companies and solutions. They keep us updated with solar technology as it changes and would be happy to keep you updated as well. They of course hope you will eventually become a customer but they also work very well as an information resource by giving the occasional update on solar as changes take place in the market place.

ESS Solar Offers Easy Solar Panel Install Service in Texas

Solar power for Electric Tools and laptops

Sunshine Solar Briefcase Charger Amorphous 13 Watt

This solar panel is very affordable and the perfect first time solar project starter. You can use this when you go out to remote areas to build and work on a cabin in the woods and other places not accessible to electric pole and wires. If you have a drill or saw that needs power you can charge it up on the solar panel and keep working without having to go back to the house and get the battery recharged.


Product Description

Powerful, compact and very versatile. Ideal for caravans, yacht, electric hand tools, DC fridge, notebook computers, GPS systems. Supplied with many connectors for different applications, our briefcase chargers are perfect for applications when on the move, there briefcase style case gives them excellent protection when not in use.
Size: 330mm x 520mm x 40mm
Weight: 4.2kg
With adjustable support panel, helps to maximise power output
With blinking charge indicator
Includes male & female cigarette lighter connections
Blocking diode to prevent reverse charging

Need more power?

The 30 Watt 12 Volt solar panel charger will handle the larger laptops and power tools. Have your batteries charging while working in remote locations. Trade batteries and keep going. No need to stop working even when far out in remote locations. This will keep you going no matter where you are.

Product Description

This 30 Watt Mono-crystalline Portable Briefcase Solar Panel 12V Charger is just the thing for your power tools and laptop computers.

30 Watt Mono-crystalline Portable Briefcase Solar Panel 12V Charger. If you need to use it to charge a car battery, you may need a charge controller to prevent the battery from overcharging. Detachable connections included: alligator battery clamps, male cigarette lighter plug, and female cigarette lighter plug. There are three types of Solar Cells on the market. All our Solar chargers are using the best – Mono-Crystalline Solar Cells. Amorphous or Dual Junction Solar Glass are the cheapest but are only 7% energy efficient and have 5 years of service life. They are big and heavy. Poly-Crystalline have 25 plus years of service life under direct sunlight and are 13% efficient. Mono-Crystalline have 25 plus years of service life and are up to 20% efficient. This is the same type used in solar car racing. This type of solar cells is now in a worldwide shortage because only a few companies can manufacture these solar cells.


Solar Panel Installation in Texas – Click here


Cogeneration and Electricity

Some people have asked about what programs and government credits are available for those who want to produce their own electricity from solar and wind generation and sell excess energy back on the power grid in their city.

When considering how to go about connecting the power you generate to the power grid you have to consider the extra steps involved in the connection process. Normally the phase angle of an inverter will not match the phase of the AC mains source power from the street power lines, and the inverter will pop. Because of this there are a few more things to consider when connecting up to the power grid.

The idea of producing some of your own energy and using some off the power grid as well as selling the energy back you don’t use from your own production is known as “cogeneration”. In other words, you have some power source at your home (like a running stream, or solar panels, or a big windmill), and sell the excess power back to the power grid. To begin the instruction and education process I would read the wiki on this listed below.

You can also sign up for solar panel news and information updates by filling out the contact page with ESS Solar. They are great about sending out newsletter information about new solar technology and prices as it hits the Texas market. They can also help you understand the cost and viability based on your economic situation of whether a cogeneration setup is your best choice when choosing an off the grid electricity solution. ESS Solar can give you a quote on a cogeneration setup that uses some power from the grid while at the same time selling back the solar power you produce to the Texas electric grid. ESS Solar works with Oncor and Centerpoint utilities to sell your solar energy back on the Texas electricity grid which will literally cause your electric meter to run backwards. Texas law requires that a Texas utility comply with any business or home that wishes to sell their generated power back on the grid. ESS Solar will make sure your solar setup complies with Texas law so that your cogeneration power can be sold back on the Texas electric grid.

Solar Panels in Texas

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