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Startex Power

Electric Rates for December are at a 12 month low. That means that over the last 12 months electric rates have never been this low.

Electric rates did come up as of today from their recent record breaking lows but they are still close to the bottom.

If you are trying to find a good deal on residential electricity without all the hidden fees and worries that goes in to finding a reputable energy provider then I would recommend you go with Startex Power.

There is no monthly customer service fee or meter read fee. You simply pay the fixed electric rate you sign up for. The have several different monthly terms to choose from as well as a month to month product.

If you decide to go with the month to month you need to be aware that the first is the only month you get their low promotional month to month rate and then it goes up a couple cents higher. The good thing about the month to month is you are not on a contract. I personally would recommend signing up on their 8 month or 12 month electric rate.

Because energy is at its lowest right now it makes sense to lock in long term. I would go 12 months if it were me but they have longer terms for those who just don’t want to fool with it for awhile.

If you have been to Startex Power’s website you may have seen an opportunity to enter a promotional code there. We have a promotion code for Startex power if you are interested in seeing what kind of electric rates they have. I have the promo code built into the link below. It will take you to their website as well as fill in the promo code for you. We no longer have a code for Startex…this is an article from 2007 that no longer applies to the present.

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