Stream Energy Residential Electric Rate

I noticed today on powertochoose today that Stream Energy shows a month to month rate at 12.99 cents\Kwh. This is a great rate but a majority of the residential customers out there use less then 500 Kwh in usage a month. This means in actuality their customer would have to pay about 13.49 cents\kwh. This is actually a decent variable month to month rate if it stays around this rate each month. Unfortunately 12.99 cents\kwh is not going to be the energy rate for most people out there.


Pricing for ERCOT           500 kWh       1,000 kWh     1,500 kWh

Month-to-Month Rate    $0.13490     $0.12990         $0.12990

In comparison Hudson Energy Services and Spark Energy tie with the lowest 12 month fixed term rate. Both companies offer a rate with NO monthly customer charge. This means you don’t have to pay a bogus fee for being their customer. That never really made sense anyway? The rate stays the same the entire year so there are no surprises. Right now a 12 month term makes the most since as rates continue to go up and probably will for awhile.

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