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The advantage of a fixed electricity rate has to do with price protection and confidence that your electricity rate will not change. Most electricity companies will send out a postcard or a letter stating when your contract is going to expire so that you can renew your fixed rate. Some people get the letter in the mail and set it aside while their fixed electricity rate rolls over to a variable electricity plan. A variable electricity rate can be even cheaper than a fixed rate depending on what commodity fuel prices are doing. If you are a Sugar Land Texas electricity customer and are familiar with a fixed rate but not completely understanding your risks about a variable electricity price we would like to help clarify the difference.

Popular Fixed Electricity Rate Plans in Sugar Land Texas

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When you initially sign up on a fixed electricity rate with companies like Startex Power, Reliant Energy, or TXU Energy you are assured that your electricity rate will not change for the entire duration of the contract. The point to understand is that you have agreed to a contract that will expire some time out in the future. You can usually pick from 6 month, 12 month, 24 month and longer fixed electricity contracts in the Sugar Land Texas area. I believe at this time TXU Energy only advertises 24 month fixed electricity rate contracts. At this time a long term fixed electricity contract makes sense because fuel prices are still low giving you a break on locking in long term. If fuel prices go up this winter so will everyones electricity prices except for people like you that may have locked in for 2 years like the fixed contracts TXU Energy offers.

When choosing a 1, 2, or 3 year fixed electricity contract you want to pick the company that offers the cheapest price with a minimal amount for a deposit if any. If your credit score is good and you have paid your previous electric utility bills on time you will usually not be asked for a deposit by your chosen electricity provider. If you have a bad credit score or were late on a payment to a Sugar land electricity company in the past you will usually be asked anywhere from $200 – $800 for a deposit to have electricity service turned on. None of the electricity companies can tell you upfront what that deposit will be because they must first check your credit. There is an alternative I would like to mention for those who really need to know upfront what they will need to pay as a deposit. Bounce Energy offered a plan called the “Fresh Start Plan” that asks you for $125 upfront but this has since been discontinued. This was not really a deposit because they would deduct it from your first months electricity bill. This allowed a bad credit customer to sign up for electricity service without having to figure out how they will get money to pay an electric utility deposit they will not get back for atleast 12 months. Bounce has several alternative rates that you may still qualify for and they can sometimes put a low credit score customer on a plan to work well with a low income customer.
You can call Bounce and ask for a plan to meet your requirement for a low deposit amount by calling this number: 1-866-945-8937

In Sugar Land after your fixed electricity rate has expired you will be on a variable electricity rate. You may forget over a few months time that your contract has lapsed especially if your variable electricity rate is the same or cheaper than what you paid when on a fixed rate plan. The issue most Sugar Land electricity consumers eventually become agitated and confused about is when that variable electricity rate starts going up. When commodity fuel prices go up your Sugar Land Texas electricity rate will most definitely start going up. You may have forgotten that you ever received a reminder email or letter explaining that your electricity contract was expiring. When your electricity rate doubles in price you could very easily start blaming your Sugar Land electricity company for not telling you the risks involved when on a variable electricity rate. Because so many people fall into this scenario we would like to encourage you to go ahead and write your contract end date on your calendar so you are sure to renew your fixed rate when it expires.

Since most Sugar Land TX electricity providers send out a reminder letter that your electricity rate is expiring there really shouldn’t be customer confusion but there still is. No matter how many letters are sent out people procrastinate and forget which is usually what I do with quite a lot of things. Be sure to remember when signing up on a fixed electricity rate that you have a responsibility to renew your electricity contract each and every time it expires so that you don’t get hit with a remarkably high electricity bill one hot summer day.

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Compare Electricity Rate Plans and Companies in Sugar Land Texas

Sugar land Texas electricity prices are the same as they are in the city of Houston Texas. When comparing and choosing a Sugar Land Texas electricity provider you want to consider what rate plan you want to get on. The most popular electricity rate plans are the fixed rate plans. Some of the top fixed electricity plans people generally choose are for 1, 2 or 3 years. Occasionally electricity consumers in Sugar Land will choose a shorter term plan like a 6 month fixed rate. Be sure to mark on your calendar when your electricity rate is set to expire. If you do not mark on your calendar and your electricity provider in Sugar land does not send you a reminder email or mailing that you need to renew you will be automatically switched to a variable electricity rate plan.

The issue of a fixed rate expiring and a Texas electricity consumers rate automatically going to a variable rate is one of the banes of the Texas deregulated electricity market. Even when using the larger electricity companies like TXU or Reliant Energy you can find yourself on a no contract variable price much higher than your fixed electricity rate. The only way to insure you do not fall over to a variable rate is to mark it down on your calendar. Sometimes those reminder emails and letters get misplaced, lost, or the provider simply never mails it out.

You can find and compare several cheap Sugar Land electricity rate plans and prices by using the comparison chart at the top of this page. Rate plans are categorized from 1 year all the way out to 3 year. The most popular electricity plans are the 6 month fixed rates and the 1 year fixed rates. Electricity Bid currently recommend locking in fir at least 1 year while electricity rates in Sugar Land Texas remain some what low from their highs.

Generally we discourage residential customers from signing up on a variable electricity contract because the price can go up and down without any warning. Some electricity companies like Bounce Energy have a price ceiling in place so the variable electricity rate can only go so high. If you do sign up on a variable electricity rate with companies like Bounce Energy you are partially protected against price spikes in the variable Texas electricity market.

There were no deposit electricity rate plans in Sugar Land but the company offering this plan has discontinued that rate plan choice. Each no deposit plan had one catch or another and some of the popular ones still available but not recommended involve prepaying for your electricity service. The best we had seen so far involved paying an initial fee of $125 that you will have applied to your first months electricity bill but this rate plan has since been discontinued. This wasn’t exactly a deposit which you would get back at the end of your electricity contract but was applied in short order on your first months bill. Also, if you paid your Sugar Land electricity bill on time that no deposit electricity rate was lowered to the lowest rate plan available. This no deposit plan that is no longer available was for those energy consumers in Texas currently in a credit crunch that couldn’t afford paying a large deposit to their electric utility. This plan was available through Bounce Energy

If you would like to compare no deposit and prepaid electric service offers please use our compare tool at the top right of this page. All of these providers service the Sugar Land area and will be able to provide prepaid service in your area.

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