Comparing Texas Electricity Prices and Green Energy

When comparing Texas electricity prices you have several energy companies out there competing for your business. If these companies have to use words like green energy, environmentally friendly or quite a few other buzz words to get your business they will.

Now comparing these green energy plans is a little challenging as you have to deal with companies selling quite a few different variations of this green energy stuff.

For instance, many of these electric companies are buying biomass renewable energy credits in other states and than applying that to their dirty energy.

These electric provider in Texas than sell you clean energy but in reality you are cleaning up another state and not the state of Texas.

It’s great that at least you are doing your part for the US as a whole but wouldn’t it be nice if it helped out Texas?

The government is about to cramp down on these green energy buzz words that providers use to sell their electricity service.

Soon many packages for things as simple as baby diapers may have to remove the environmentally friendly labels from their packaging.

Texas electricity providers may not be able to call their electricity renewable energy unless it meets a high enough percentage and overall things will hopefully be a little more transparent as to what it is your buying.

In the big picture it will be easier to compare green energy providers in an apples to apples comparison and choose the lowest price.

However, this may have more to do with setting up the whole cap and trade system rules in which electricity companies and manufacturers aren’t simply no longer advertising that their products are no longer environmentally friendly. Instead, government deadlines are set for manufacturers, energy generation facilities, electricity providers, and so on to make their power plants and products meet these new green friendly and carbon neutral requirements.

A large part of the requirement will be a tax on these products and services if these power plants and so forth can’t operate as carbon neutral as required. These taxes will than go into a slush fund where the government may choose to do something completely different with this money as they did with Social Security taxes.

Green Mountain Electric Company

Green Mountain Energy offers some great renewable electricity rates and they have one of the most lenient credit requirements. You can compare Green Mountain Energy with Champion Energy and Bounce Energy to help determine which renewable electricity rate is the cheapest. All providers allow for you to sign up online and will approve you online. If for someone reason you are asked for a large deposit you cannot afford just keep trying until you get one of the providers who will pass you on credit. To learn more or sign just click on the “continue” link in the electricity comparison chart.

Green Energy is the new fad it seems these days with electric rate marketing. The Texas electric companies are now buying just enough green energy credits to have green energy injected into the grid to make their product “green”. Keep in mind that most of the energy is still being created using coal and natural gas fired power plants. The motive isn’t to save the environment but it does help give the Texas consumer that good feeling that they might be doing something. The issue at hand is when an electric provider offers green energy with a high markup. Some Texas electric companies have profited even more by offering a green energy product and then marking up the profit margin higher then usual as they know people are buying the option to save the environment rather then shopping for the best price on Texas electricity. Green electricity is more expensive so the higher price is justified so long as it isn’t raised so high that it could be considered price gouging. Most consumers have not the slightest idea how much more it costs to produce green renewable electricity and so they will pay the higher price without even knowing they may have been took.

A better option then just going with the first green energy plan you happen to see is to buy your own green energy credits from a company that sells green renewable energy credits. You can actually do this and it will have the same effect. Go ahead and buy your electricity from the cheapest electric provider in Texas but then buy some green energy credits on the side to save the environment. You will be doing the same thing and saving a little money at the same time. Green Mountain Energy is the most noticable electric company with green energy products because they have the “Green” name in their brand. Now, almost all Texas electric providers offer a green energy product, even TXU. TXU happens to own several dirty coal powered power generation facilities but they too offer green energy plans. So if you are going to save the environment just keep in mind the electric companies aren’t in it for the earth and humanitarian reasons you may be in it for.

Green Mountain Energy is a good electric company as far as their ability to consistently offer competitive Texas commercial electricity products. The retail electric provider also offers some of the best residential electric rates in Texas. Green Mountain has better prices for commercial businesses then they do in their residential sales division. They are a large wholesale electric provider, have good books, and a positive track record with their customers, energy brokers, and consultants. They operate in several states and are one of the fastest growing energy companies in the United States.

Spark Energy Rates Rise Higher

Spark Energy Changes Focus to Selling Natural Gas in the North East

Spark has changed their focus from Retail Texas Electricity sales  to Natural Gas sales in the North East United States. They have been a great company to work with, and have shown high ethical standards, low rates, and fair business practices but do not seem to be actively seeking customers in the Texas Electric market. Although we are unsure as to how long it will be before they realign their efforts and aggressively pursue gaining market share in Texas, We look forward to working with them in the future. Until they do, we recommend Champion Energy as a great company to work with and great rates for Commercial and Residential Customers.  Champion currently has the best 1 year fixed electric rate offer in Dallas, Houston, and most other areas in the state of Texas. You can learn more about Champion Energy’s residential electric rates by visiting this article: Click here to check Champion  information

Spark Energy has raised their electric rate quite a bit higher then several other electric providers in Texas and no longer offers the most competitive electric rates they once did. Because of this we would like to suggest for those looking at potentially signing up on a Spark residential electric rate to go with a more competitive provider. As of January 2008 Champion Energy has a much more competitive energy price in both the Houston and Dallas Texas area. These electric companies serve other cities in Texas but for the sake of comparison we will use these two cities.

Who Do You Recommend Instead of Spark Energy?

Because Spark Energy has raised their rates recently due to the market going up we have a provider that has been able to stay below their rates on the 12 month term. Champion Energy has a very good 12 month rate despite the energy market’s prices rising. I am not sure how long this rate will last but I would sign up while it is still in the 9 – 10 cents per kwh range. Champion and Spark compete with several other terms which are listed in the chart below if you need something other then the standard 12 month fixed rate monthly term.

Speak to an Energy Consultant

Champion Energy Dallas

– $4.95 monthly service charge

9.2 cents per kWh – locked in for 12 months

No 6 month offer available

Spark Dallas (not available, Try Champion at a cheaper price)

– no monthly service charge

12.4 cents per kWh – 12 months

12.4 cents per kWh – 6 months


Spark Energy Houston (not available, try Champion at a cheaper rate

– no monthly service charge

12.8 – 12 months

12.8 – 6 months

Champion Energy Houston

- $4.95 monthly service charge

9.8 cents per kWh – locked in for 12 months

Not available – 6 months

Not available – 24 months

Not available – 36 months

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If you live in Wichita Falls Texas, Dallas, Houston or surrounding areas and need Texas electric service feel free to give us a call. An energy consultant can provide updated rate information for commercial and residential customers. You can click on the button above to make a free call to Electricity Bid or call us at 1-800-971-4020

How I Found The Cheapest Houston Electric Company

Getting A Headache Finding The Right Company

I woke up one day still mad from the electric bill I received the previous day that was over $500 . My usage wasn’t that bad and that is when I realized I might be getting gouged with a rate I could probably drop for something better. I realize part of this is my fault for letting things go so long without researching or doing anything. There is a lot of spam and garbage internet sites out there that just don’t have good information or atleast it might be good but it is outdated information. I decided to just get on the phone and give as many Texas electric providers a call as possible.

Calling The Electric Companies

I called just about all of these electric companies and one thing that stood out was the slight subtleties of the rate plans being offered. Some providers were charging the best rate but it would be a variable electric rate. This basically means they can raise the rate at anytime for whatever reason they want. The fact that the want me to sign a 12 month contract to get on a rate that they could raise higher during the contract made no sense to me. After I figured out that the 12 month variable rate contract was more of a gimmick then saving money I decided to keep looking. I stressed to the energy companies that I need a fixed rate and I don’t want there to be a monthly customer service charge unless the rate is exceptionally good.

TXU Electric, Reliant And The Rest Of Them

I called Reliant Electric Company, TXU Electric, Spark Energy, Startex Power, Accent Energy, Amigo Energy, Trickster Energy (name withheld by legal), Cirro Energy, Ambit Energy, Texas Power, Champion Energy, and several others I cannot remember the name of right now. Cirro Energy and Texas Power wanted me to sign a contract on a variable rate. I declined these two offers after understanding I would be getting into an energy rate that could change during the course of the contract with no way to back out of the contract if I become unhappy with the rate. Startex had a variable rate that allowed you out of the contract if at any time you are not satisfied with it. I wrote down their variable rate as well as their fixed rate term rates as well. Champion Energy had only one term to choose from at 12 months and it was a fixed electric rate. I wrote them down too as they were one of the lowest I found.

Wrapping Up The Research

After researching all the electric providers I could find I determined that Startex Power was the Houston Electric Company who had the very best 12 month electric rate for the Houston Texas area. As of January 2008 their rate was 11.1 cents kWh for 12 months with no monthly customer service charge. For most other terms I found that Startex Power also had the lowest electric rates.

Startex Power – Check Rates

Cheap Electric Providers In Dallas Texas

Amigo Electric Company

Amigo Energy’s Competitive Electric Rates, Where Did They Go?Amigo Energy Electric Rates

Amigo previously had provided competitive electric rates in the Texas area while targeting the hispanic community as their primary source for new customers. Over the last year Amigo has advertised energy rates that have compared competitively with some of the most competitive retail electric providers in Texas. Amigo Electric Company is headquartered in the Houston Texas area but provides electricity to customers throughout the deregulated cities in Texas.

Research On Their Site

I went out to their site today January 8 2007 and they are offering a 12 month rate at 12.9 in the Dallas area and 13.3 cents kWh in the Houston area. These rates are terrible. The only thing I can think as to why their rates have gone up so much is their success. They have their brand name out there and a lot of word of mouth so they may be signing up customers on brand name recognition only at this point.

Comparing Amigo With Other Electric Companies

A comparable electric rate to Amigo’s energy rate that is much more competitive would be to go through Startex Power if you are in or around the Dallas Texas area and to use Startex Power as well if you are in or around the Houston area. As of January 8 2007 Startex Power offered a 12 month term rate of 11.4 cents a kWh with no monthly customer service charge in the Dallas area and as of Feb 2009 they still offer the most competitive residential electric rate with no monhtly service fee.

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