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Reliant Energy Rates Remain Unreasonably High in the Houston Area

As of May 2009 Reliant Energy still has very high electricity rates in comparison to other reputable electric companies in the Houston area. Reliant electric company is a good provider with great customer service but their electric rates are too high in comparison to the Houston area electric companies listed below. You can compare cheaper residential electric rates below with other energy service providers that not only have cheap prices but great customer service and accurate billing. Once you have found a plan that fits your situation just click on the continue button.

The Break Up and History of Reliant and Centerpoint Energy

In Houston TX one company owned and maintained the poles and wires that delivers the electric to your home or business as well as sold you that energy. In 2002 the state of Texas through the facilitating agency set up to regulate utilities in Texas (The PUCT) broke up Reliant Energy (Retail sales company) off of Centerpoint Energy (The pole company). Reliant was known as Centerpoint Energy but was renamed to Reliant in order to differentiate the retail electric provider from the TDSP company otherwise known as the poles and wires company. Reliant Energy must now compete in a newly known element as a non monopoly Texas electric company. Reliant began to competitively price their electric rate to compete with over 40 other Texas electric companies trying to win the business of commercial and residential electric customers in Texas.

How Does Reliant Compare with the Other Texas Electric Providers?

Reliant now prices in comparison with the other Texas electric providers and sometimes has competitive rates. Texas power companies drop in and out of being competitive as their energy risk management policies change on their trading desk. On any given month one electric provider could go from being one of the least competitive to being one of the most competitive by changing their pricing models from recently accepted risk management and pricing policies. Because electric rates change their competitiveness from one provider to the next it is important to reshop rates at the end of an energy contract. Reliant Energy may have a competitor out their that could offer your residential home or business a better electric rate. Whether you live in Houston TX, Dallas TX, or somewhere else in the state you can review updated Houston Texas commercial electric rates or view updated residential electric rates to compare with Reliant Energy. If you would rather speak to an energy consultant you can call at the number below and have someone walk you through the process.

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