Texas Electric Market: Competition Leads to Better Customer Service for Consumers

Since Texas deregulated its electricity market in 2002, many new companies are competing for the same pool of customers. This has been a win-win for Texas electric consumers because it has put the customer front and center via improved customer service.  

Consumers can now shop around for an electricity company. And while rate remains a high determining factor as to which energy supplier a customer chooses, customer service is on the list as well.

What Better Customer Service Means for Texas Electric Consumers

Better customer service has led to several innovations by the energy market that benefit consumers. Following are a few.

Product Innovation: It’s practically impossible to talk about energy today without mentioning the phrase “green energy.” Many consumers are concerned about the environment and want green energy options. Hence, electric companies have started to offer this to consumers.

To find out if an electricity company offers green energy options, check its Electricity Facts Label. This document tells you how an energy provider generates its electricity.

Money-Saving Plans: Many traditional Texas electric suppliers offer numerous plans that save consumers money.

One of the most popular is the LITE-Up Texas program. It offers discounts on energy bills during the high-energy consumption months of May through September.

Conventional energy suppliers also offer no-deposit electric service plans. When you compare no-deposit plans to prepaid electric service plans, for example, the savings are usually phenomenal. This is because prepaid electric plans charge so much more.

Energy Rebates: If you make improvements to your home by purchasing buy Energy Star-rated appliances, you can get rebates on those purchases – anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. This is all made possible via the Texas Trade-Up Appliance Rebate Program.

With innovations like these, Texas electric customers are truly the winners since the market was deregulated.

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