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What to Consider When Comparing Tomball Electricity Rates

When comparing electric rates in Texas there are several things to consider. Is the Tomball electricity rate a variable electric rate or a fixed rate? A variable rate is subject to change at the whim of the Tomball electric provider for whatever reason they deem necessary. Some variable electric rates go by a certain energy market following strategy but some variable electric rates have no rhyme or reason for going up or down. There are a few Texas electric providers out there that will hook you into a Tomball variable electric rate through offering a low too good to be true electricity rate. After the first month the rate goes up to be a little higher then standard fixed rate offers. This type of electric rate hooks people in who don’t know that a variable electricity rate is only locked in the first month. After the first month the electric provider may change that rate and it may not look nearly as good as when you first signed up.

Best 1 Month Fixed Electric Rates in Tomball Texas

These rates change after the first month. The Startex rate is the best variable electric rate in the list. The first month is extremely low and after the first month it follows the energy commodities market, allowing you to take advantage of the low price of natural gas. There is a 90% correlation with Texas electricity and natural gas and because of this you will find the Startex 1st month fixed and the rest variable to be your best variable electric rate option. You are not locked into a contract and if you are ever unsatisfied you can leave with no penalty.

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