Electric Bill at House Over $100 a Month But Why?

My electric bill at my home was over a $125 a month. I could not figure it out until I purchased this device called the Watts Up Pro Electricity Consumption Meter.

Apparently, my 22 year old refrigerator was operating great, but was freezing up over $50.00 a month on electricity.  After I used this device, I went out to Best Buy and got a new modern refrigerator that only uses $13.00 a month. This little gadget will help you narrow down what exactly is causing you to use all that electricity and will help you avoid an awkward conversation with your pole and wire company where you may likely decide to blame everything on them had you not had this device.

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I decided to take this little gadget throughout my house and measure the electric usage and cost analysis for almost everything in my house. Throughout the process I began to see how by plugging certain things into power supplies, unplugging other things and simply getting rid of old appliances I could save over $1,000 a year.

The beauty of this gadget is that it makes a complicated task very simple as the report for each device appears on the gadget and it does all the tabulation and analysis for you.

What you end up with is a nice consumer friendly read out of what the contraption you hooked it up to is costing you. If you went in together with a few family members on this device you could help out multiple people and it won’t cost you all that much.

Energy is a huge part of many families budgets in Texas because air conditioning is so high. If you have a run away refrigerator or something like that you are really kicking yourself double time while you try to stay cool in the summer.

You have enough cost as it is keeping your family cool in the summer and warm in the winter so if you notice your electric bill approaching $150 and above on most months I would definitely invest in this gadget and give it a whirl on all your appliances and make adjustments as necessary.

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