Denmark wind subsidies push price of electricity to 300% of US prices

wind“German households now pay the second highest power costs in Europe, as much as 30% more than other Europeans. Only the Danes pay more, and both countries pay roughly 300% more for residential electricity than we Americans do. Slightly more than 12% of Germany’s electricity now comes from wind (7.8%) and solar (4.5%). Biomass provides 7%, and hydro 4%. Since the government plans to increase that renewables proportion to 35% by 2020, and to 80% by 2050, most of that must come from wind and solar because biomass and hydro won’t grow.

Yet despite huge investments, German wind has produced only about one-fifth of its installed capacity. Ironically, since shutting down some of their older nuclear plants in response to the nuclear accident in Japan, they now have to import nuclear power from France and the Czech Republic.”


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Wind Energy with No Movable Parts

winenergyA new technology has been developed at Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science at Delft University of Technology that uses charged water particles and a circular structure made from steel to generate electricity from the wind.

The model shown in the picture was developed by Mecanoo architects and goes by the name EWICON (Electrostatic WInd Energy CONvertor).

This type of wind energy device lacks many of the problems associated with traditional wind turbines such as wind noise pollution, large maintenance costs, killing of rare bird species, and the high cost to generate electricity.

The process is very simple. Within the framework, charged water droplets are made, and they then are blown away by the wind. The movement of the droplets produces electric power that can be sent over the electricity grid.

Here’s hoping for a superior wind technology that actually might make electricity costs less and not more.

You can learn more about this project by visiting the Universities website:

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