Dallas Area Prepaid Electricity Offers A Way to Have No Deposit and Yet Save Money

Our desire is to give back this Thanksgiving and Christmas season to all prepaid electricity customers that try comparing prepaid electric companies in the Dallas area and end up signing up with one of the companies in our compare chart.

Go ahead and compare prices by typing in your zip code. You will be presented offers from traditional electric companies. Skip over to the “No Deposit” tab on our chart so you don’t have to run through a credit check or have to deal with requests for deposits.

If you have been through this routine of the constant barrage of credit checks followed up with requests for deposits we want you to seriously consider a Dallas prepaid electric company.

For every customer that compares prepaid electric rates using our chart on this site and orders electricity service through our site we will give a donation to the wounded warrior project. This project assists in medically helping US soldiers who have been physically hurt in some way during their service to our country.

Many times these soldiers need a prosthetic arm or leg and maybe even some plastic surgery and reconstructive facial surgery. This Christmas and Thanksgiving season consider comparing prepaid electricity offers in the Dallas area and ordering through our site online. You will save money, help a soldier in need and will avoid having to come up with a significant deposit many traditional electric companies ask for.

Prepaid electric companies have become a lot better in the last few years as they now rely on accurate smart meter readings and deduct your exact usage from your prepaid account so you only pay for what you use in real-time and nothing more.

With a small simple prepayment in advance you will be up and running with electricity in no time, will be saving money through the compare process, get to keep the deposit  money and will be making a significant difference in a soldiers life.

Be sure to comment on our Facebook wall by clicking on this Facebook link to let us know you signed up for the “Wounded Warrior Project” offer for the Dallas area. This way we can be sure to send a donation to them on your behalf.

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