Deciding if TXU Energy is the Right Energy Company for You

If you live in Dallas or will be moving to Dallas you may have likely been referred to TXU Energy by your apartment sales person, family or friend. If you are new to the area there are actually several other electric companies to compare and choose from besides TXU and Reliant Energy. Some of these electricity companies offer straightforward electricity rates that make sense and without hidden fees and gimmicks. Other Dallas electricity companies have very carefully crafted electricity contracts to make their electric rate look good to the customer but when the customer receives their first few bills they begin to see a steady increase in the price they pay for their electric service.

Should you Pick the Biggest Energy Provider or the Cheapest?

When choosing to go with some of the larger electric companies like TXU Energy or Reliant Energy you have the positive that you are dealing with a very large energy company that has been in the electric service business since pretty much the beginning. The down side is that these companies many times begin to work from a brand name market position although their electricity price is not the cheapest or in the cheapest range when comparing to other Dallas Texas electricity companies. In order to pick the right Dallas electric provider you want a good trade off between a reputable established electricity service brand and a company that is offering a cheap electric price without any gimmicks or tricks attached in the fine details of the contract.

Watching out for Tricks and Gimmicks in Energy Contracts

What to watch out for in an electricity contract. Fortunately we have not seen TXU Energy pull any of these stunts which is to their benefit but we recommend you look out for these tricks when shopping among the 50 or so electric providers in Dallas.

  • Fuel Surcharges (If fuel prices go up the electric company has the ability raise your “fixed price electricity”
  • Additional undefined charges listed underneath the TDSP charges on the bill
  • Advertising an electric rate that leaves off the TDSP charges and then billing your for the energy only and TDSP charges
  • Advertising a variable electric rate that is very cheap but making it seem like it is a fixed rate for a period of 1, 2 or 3 years.

We Believe Finding a Happy Medium is Better then Brand Name

We know TXU Energy does not engage in any of these practices and neither does Reliant Energy. Unfortunately these two established energy brands in Texas do not have the most competitive electricity rates. We recommend going to our Dallas electric rate comparison page and comparing our residential electricity prices there. We only have reputable electric companies listed on this page and there are no tricks or gimmicks. If you need a no deposit choice for your Dallas electricity perhaps because TXU Energy was charging you way to much for a deposit then we recommend checking out our no deposit electricity choices.

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