tylerElectricityBid is located in Tyler Texas and so when it comes to knowing what customers think about our site we get to hear it directly from the customer’s mouth.

I walked two different people through comparing and ordering electric service using our comparison tool for their home electric service just last week.

Martha is a retired lady who had thought she was paying a remarkably good deal and thought she was on averaged billing.

I asked her to bring me a bill and it turned out she was paying 12.52 cents per kilowatt-hour and was not on an averaged billing service.

Most electric providers offer averaged billing and I explained after we get you signed up on a cheap rate the provider can work on changing her to an averaged billing plan.

The most confusing part about using our comparison widget is simply getting beyond the preconceived notion that it will be too complicated and instead just jump in.

Once Martha jumped into using our tool she quickly came up to speed and compared multiple providers only to come to find out that most of them were at least 3 cents cheaper  than what she was currently paying her existing provider.

Commercial businesses in Tyler use our services as well. We have an ice cream store, a glass and window repair business, and even a manufacturing facility in town that fabricates products that are sent onto store shelves all over the US.

We work hard to offer a truly customer oriented approach by instilling good will and integrity as we work on a reverse auction for our customers.

Electric companies compete with each other on an account and work their rates down in an attempt to get some new Tyler business.

We put these bids in a detailed electric rate proposal that shows multiple terms and providers.

Many of our commercial customers in Tyler have gone on to refer us to their friends and I have yet to hear of an unsatisfied customer.

In summary, what you get with us is a clear transparent energy consulting visit where a professional energy consultant will come out to your location and explain in detail how we can help you.

If you need help today please call us using our contact link. If you are ready to compare your residential account you may use our widget at the top of this page.

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