victoriaVictoria became a city in 1836, and has a population of about 62,558. In the past, CPL was the only electric provider for citizens of Victoria, but they now have the ability to shop, compare and choose electric rates and companies of their own.

Our comparison tool is a great way to find a commercial or residential electric rate because it allows you to shop online.

Being able to bypass the process of calling multiple companies to find out what their rate is on any given day will save you tons of time and money.

Our energy consultants assist in putting commercial electric usage through a reverse auction process to achieve  a more desirable price.

We often work with other companies in a referral network that we believe offer very good services at exceptional prices.

As we find customers of our own that need such things as plumbing work, yard maintenance and other common home maintenance services in Victoria we pass this referral on to these companies.

You may be a business in Victoria that feels that an energy consulting company would work well with yours in passing referrals to one another.

For instance, we are in need of a mortgage broker in the Victoria Texas area because often times we have home owners looking to refinance their mortgage and need a broker to help them into a good loan.

In summary, ultimately we are about saving our customers money not just with electricity savings through comparison shopping but with our network of like-minded businesses that offer a service that is a step above the rest.

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