fortworthThis page was written to receive honest input in the form of a comment from the public but at the same time we would like to provide a commentary on this question as well. Please leave us a comment if you have an opinion on which Fort Worth electric company truly is the best in your opinion.

In Fort Worth you have a very competitive electricity service area that have dozens of retail companies competing not only for residential customers but also commercial.

There are large brand names like TXU and Reliant but even then you have opinions from large companies saying that TXU isn’t as impressive as say the large national energy company, Direct Energy.

There have been times where Reliant Energy has literally stopped selling to commercial accounts and even now TXU is debating whether they should go into bankruptcy after losing billions each quarter and last week reporting another 500 million dollar loss.

In one particular day while in the process of hiring bankruptcy lawyers TXU lost almost 500 million in just one day. Do money troubles mean these large brands are bad? No they can still offer competitive prices depending on the type of account and are often beat on price by smaller electric companies based on size and type of business needing service.

National electric companies often beat TXU because of their flexibility in offering prices of a more complex nature so it depends on the situation and on the business needing service.

In the case of a Fort Worth church that had a very high demand charge we consulted with multiple electric providers that serviced the Fort Worth region and TXU was the best fit but this isn’t always the case.

There are many smaller electric providers like Bounce Energy and TriEagle that have beat out many larger competitors for some restaurant clients we have consulted with.

For the past decade we have routinely seen smaller electric companies in Fort Worth beat TXU and Reliant on residential prices on electric service.

One of the most efficient ways to compare prices for electricity in Fort Worth is to use the compare chart available on this site but if you still have questions give us a call as we would love to talk with you.

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