wichita-fallsLocated in North Texas, Wichita Falls was founded in 1882. In the past, the only electric company to provide electric service was TXU, but now, citizens and businesses of Wichita Falls have the ability to shop, compare, and choose electric rates.

I grew up in the city of Wichita Falls and actually had the weird occurrence of being right in the middle of the Terrible Tuesday tornado ranked as an F4 tornado.

This tornado most definitely cut the power off that day and ripped the roof and ceiling off the house I was in. At only 3 years of age I still remember that tornado.

Weird weather events happen at random times throughout the past prior to the whole CO₂ global warming scare and so to label such an event as being because of “global warming” is just an absurd statement.

As a native of Texas and Wichita Falls I have found it my duty to fight against the carbon tax that will be a tax on your electricity by the statist liberals in government.

The foolish notion that a small trace gas primarily created by nature is somehow warming the planet when the planet is actually in a 15 year long cooling period is ridiculous.

These politicians now go on to blame it on “extreme weather” as the warming climate has become cooler than they expected. I don’t buy this un-scientific process and neither should you.

The possible tax on your electricity service would be the biggest tax increase on the public as a whole that we have ever faced and so I have determined to get the word out through my business to not be seduced by this environmentalism gone wild.

headshotIn summary we ask for your support in getting this message out and for your support by using our website to compare electricity rates in your area. Considering I was born and raised in Wichita Falls I find it an honor for each and every individual from this great city that uses my site to order electric service. Thank you for your support not only for my little online business but for getting the message out about the falsehoods of the “global warming” and “extreme weather” movement that has the end game set at taxing the air you breathe via your electricity bill and spreading this wealth around in a globalist agenda.

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